Vocal Point-Virginia Prodan

Topic: Warnings from a Survivor of Communism

America is considering various candidates who advocate more government control of more of our lives. This is moving us more toward socialism and away from free enterprise. There are grave consequences, warns Virginia Prodan, a survivor of Communist Romania and the author of the Tyndale book, Saving My Assassin. She has an important message for our time, when religious freedom is at risk. She described the Communist regime of Nicolae Ceausescu thus: “I called that land a land of lies and a ‘Prisonland’ because we were not allowed to criticize or even to ask questions about the government or his regime….I remember my parents being very, very submissive. They were ‘politically correct’ outside of home, but whispering their feelings inside of home.” Today in America, she is an attorney for God (affiliated with the Alliance Defending Freedom), fighting for Christian liberties in the courts of America and in the courts of public opinion. Virginia Prodan joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the importance of the mid-terms and of protecting our religious liberty by not voting for socialism. www.virginiaprodanbooks.com

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