Vocal Point-William J. Federer

Topic: Prayer and Plagues

William J. Federer is a best-selling author and highly sought after public speaker. One of the books he put together (with his wife, Susan) is on “Miracles” in American history, especially in answer to prayer. As the whole world is struggling with the coronavirus, it is interesting to note that during the time of our 12th president, Zachary Taylor, there was a major threat throughout the world from cholera. This spread from India into England and to America and elsewhere. Cholera caused the death of the great Russian composer, Peter Tchaikovsky. Bill and Susan Federer note that when President Taylor called for a day of fasting and prayer in reference to the cholera epidemic in the mid-19th century, God answered those prayers, and the plague tapered off. Bill Federer joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss this, as well as plagues in the Bible and in history. www.americanminute.com