April 22, 2024

Statement from Pro-Life Leader Jim Harden on Women and “Choice”

Abortion is sold on the basis of it being supposedly “choice.” I have a forthcoming column on this subject. The working title is “Pro-Choice Is a Misnomer.”

I asked Jim Harden of Compass Care, a ministry of crisis pregnancy centers, including one that was firebombed in the Buffalo area last year, for a statement on the idea of “Choice.”

Here are the words of Jim Harden in an email to me at 1/19/24:

“It is telling that a recent study revealed that nearly 70% of women are coerced to abort their babies. That means that up to 700,000 abortions per year in America are either unethical or illegal.

“When a woman faces and unplanned pregnancy, she considers abortion because she feels trapped… like she has no choice. Mercenary abortionists masquerade as medical professionals to profiteer from this tragic reality. [emphasis in the original]

“Abortion harms women. Studies show a 44% increase in the risk of breast cancer, 52% increased the risk of future preterm deliveries, and a 5X increase in the risk of suicide. Furthermore, even if abortion were morally neutral, it is making abortionists rich. Collecting a fee is why most abortionists do nothing but abortion. And yet pro-life pregnancy centers are denounced by pro-abortion extremist politicians for being fraudulent clinics. They say we lie to women and refer to us ‘limited service’ simply because we do not refer or provide abortion. Yet pro-life pregnancy centers help a woman with everything but abortion…for free. Pro-life pregnancy centers are the abortion industry’s only competition delivering up to 2 million women nearly $358 million worth of free medical care and support every year. And while pro-abortion politicians get re-elected on the coat tails of abortion propaganda, it is the pro-life pregnancy centers that are empowering women with true informed consent and support.

“The goal of shutting down pro-life pregnancy centers shared by pro-abortion Antifa terrorists and pro-abortion politicians alike results in one thing: denying women the information and support required for true choice.”


Editor’s Note: We’ve interviewed Jim Harden about the destruction of his center in the Buffalo area and on other issues related to abortion: Available here (double standards as to how pro-lifers are treated versus advocates of abortion) and here (assaults on pro-life ministries) and here (attacks on pro-lifers) and here (the battle for life).

Jim Harden