Vocal Point-Paul Kengor

Ronald Reagan was more of a Christian than people generally realize. Dr. Paul Kengor, a history and political science professor at Grove City College, is a best-selling author. A few of his books have dealt with our 40th president, including God and Ronald Reagan. The text of a letter from four decades ago that President Reagan wrote to his dying father-in-law, a non-believer, has been recently published. Kengor even wrote an article about this letter. It is amazing that “Reagan, who held the most difficult job in the world, would have paused in the middle of his day, August 7, 1982, to write a four-page letter like this on White House stationery….Reagan sat down to pen letters like this throughout his presidency and his gubernatorial years.” Dr. Paul Kengor speaks with Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point in reference to Reagan and his faith and his concern for the eternal soul of his wife’s father. www.visionandvalues.org

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