Vocal Point-Steve Amerson

Topic: Capitol Hill Worship Services.

Steve Amerson is the author of a book, Tales of a Troubadour. Steve is a major tenor, who has performed solos for hundreds of churches throughout the country and abroad. His biography mentions: “Steve has ministered alongside well-known pastors and authors, including Billy Graham, Chuck Swindoll, Jack Hayford, and David Jeremiah.” Beginning in 2014, Steve has regularly been a music leader in the Wednesday evening worship services that took place in the U.S. Capitol building, which have been shut down since COVID. When Washington, D. C. first began as our nation’s capital in 1800, there were virtually no church buildings around. Christian worship services were held regularly in the Capitol. Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison attended these services. These services lasted about seven or eight decades. Steve Amerson joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss worship services at the U.S. Capitol.